People spend thousands of dollars putting carpet in their homes. Yet, when it comes time to get those carpets clean, they spend as little as possible to have so-called “professionals” (re: college student) come out and push dirt around and get you signed up on a contract so they can come out and do the same nonsense on a regular basis. $99 for a whole house?? Come on.

If you want your carpets clean, as clean as they were when they were first installed with the dirt and stains removed, call Keith. He will without a doubt make your carpets/couches/chairs as clean as they’ve ever been. And if he can’t, he will tell you they need to be replaced. How many other carpet cleaners are honest enough to tell you that?

He has cleaned my carpets many times over the past 20 years, been in business over 30, guarantees his work and gives free estimates. If you’re reading this you know that if you go with the cheapest option your carpets will not be clean. Take my advice, spend the extra money, and have Keith work his magic so you don’t have to have them cleaned for another 5 years.